When was the last time when asked, “How are you?”, you answered “Busy!”? Come on… be honest. Was it last week, within the last few days, or was it even within the last few hours? And if the another person in a conversation said they were busy, how often did you think to yourself… “You think YOU’RE busy? Let me tell you about busy!”?

I know I’ve done it! I used to pride myself on how busy I was. Being able to take on 3 FT jobs, and still being able to find time to socialize with friends, make homemade meals, and squeeze in my own personal yoga practice. I truly thought that I was one of the few who could really manage my time well, and pack a ton in a day, making it a truly productive day.  And I especially liked it when others noticed, making it feel like it truly was impressive, and justifiable!

We’ve become a culture of people who pride ourselves on our level of busy! We can’t answer the to simple human exchange of how we are anymore, without feeling the need to express that our lives are filled with so much to do in a day. And the strangest badge of honour has become that we can barely keep up.

And we can’t. We can’t keep up with the insane amounts of pressure that this world has deemed acceptable in this modern world. From taking on more tasks at work, to taking on more social activities for ourselves and our children. To keeping up with the latest trends from food, fashion and social responsibilities. We’ve become a society full of taking on more. And to what end? How much are you taking in when you do this? How much are you enjoying in any one given moment? How much do you remember at the end of a busy, long week?

And when we pause and take a moment to realize how ridiculous this is, we quickly come up with all the reasons why we do it. We justify our actions with making ourselves believe its the only way to survive in this insanely busy world.

Many will say that being busy is a sign of success. And success is definitely something we’re all trying to achieve.

But what will happen at the end, when we’re gone, and people are recognizing us for our lifetime achievements? Will they go on about how reliable she was at work, always taking on another project or task for the good of the team. That he always had such a great Instagram feed, detailing all the great adventures he went on, never making us feel left out. Or that she was such a great mom, not only managing her own busy schedule, but that of her children’s. But yet, not having many memories with you to account personally…. well, because you were too busy to spend time together.

So what determines success for our lives? In the moment, it usually boils down to how much money you have to live the kind of life that shows “success”… the house, car, vacations, fashions, etc. But when its all done… what is success? They say you won’t look back on those material things. You will look back on the memories and meaningful relationships we nurtured.

We hear this in the moment, and think… yes, that makes sense. I’ll think about doing this tomorrow. But as Robin Sharma puts it, “each day is your life in miniature”. It adds up. And if we’re not careful, and start managing our busy, we will loose out on the meaning of our life. We will be alone in the emptiness of the material things without the real connection to ourselves and with the people we love.

The world in a crisis for change. We need to start collectively looking at how we manage our days, weeks and years, and how we manage the people in it. We need to start coming back to what is essential in our lives and learning to confidently say no, and have a culture that supports that! We need to come back to our own visions and intentions for our life, and clearly take action that leads us to a meaningful life, rather than one full of busy nonsense.

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