It’s funny that no matter your age, for most, September and the ushering in of fall sparks a “back to” feeling in us. This is especially true for those in the northern hemisphere, where the summer has ended and there is an intuitive feeling that it’s time to settle back into our daily routines. These feelings to return to structure are our natural intuition kicking in to ground and root our mind and bodies as we also usher in the Ayurvedic season of space and air called Vata.

Vata runs from autumn to early winter and it is a time during which the elements of space and air are predominant in both our internal and external environments; so, in our bodies and in the natural world. This is evidenced by the drying out of our skin and hair, as well as the drying up of trees and falling, swirling leaves caused by the picking up of the wind. Elemental qualities invoked by Vata include: dry, light, cold, rough, irregular, quick and changeable. 

It’s important to understand though that we may also undergo other shifts in our being during this change in season that are less noticeable but no less in need of attention. Because Ayurveda, the science of life, is holistic in nature it teaches us that the qualities of Vata can reveal themselves in our physical being but also in our mental, emotional and energetic beings as well. So, in addition to having dry skin or the chills, we may also:

  • Have difficulty focusing the mind
  • Feel more nervous or anxious
  • Think or speak more quickly
  • Be more “on the go” than usual 

Ayurveda also teaches us that we are each unique beings, so depending on our individual constitutions (what Ayurveda calls doshas) and imbalances we will experience these things to varying degrees. If your life is excessively stressed, Vata forces can cause it to become imbalanced and in extreme cases lead to insomnia, skipped meals and digestive upset. On the other hand, when Vata forces are in balance they can invoke creativity, agility and an enthusiastic “joie de vivre”.

Over the course of the next few months, Nourished Union will help guide you on how to first identify, balance, fine tune and then thrive in the season of Vata with our series of monthly articles. For those who are interested in going deeper and receiving ideas, tools and exercises for how to actively and holistically bring your body, mind, emotions, senses and energy into balance we encourage you to join our free Digital Discovery program. Digital Discovery members receive weekly balancing tips focused on movement, nutrition, breathing, meditation, self-care and purpose, and are invited to a free online group wellness practice at the end of every month. And for those who are interested in learning more about this life science, we invite you to view our foundational Ayurveda article with accompanying video.

For now, as we transition into fall and the season of Vata, we encourage you to pay attention to your surroundings and to notice the presence of the elements of space and air, and how you may be experiencing them within yourself.