With September under our belts, how many of you noticed that it was a month of trying to settle back into a routine but without quite getting there? Whether the routine was back to school, shared family meals or an earlier bedtime you may have felt like somedays you were totally on it and other days that all your best intentions went right out the window. This is the effect of Vata.  

As the extra space and air in the natural environment also takes flight in our physical, mental and energetic bodies during Vata season you may on somedays be feeling like you are chasing your tail; moving from task to task, running from meeting to meeting, forgetting appointments and skipping meals. You may notice that those around you are also swept up in these fast-moving energies. 

Vata is like a bird; flying from branch to branch on a tree without ever landing. And if we’re not careful the bird can sweep us up and away from the purpose and meaning in our days completely. So, in order to help land the bird and bring balance to this time of year we must practice grounding, rooting and settling. 

The most important of these practices is to create a structure – a routine – that you can settle into. Routines are the king of all practices during Vata season; routines help to root the mind and body, so that we can actually experience the moments of our life without them just flying by.

For some of us (especially coming out of an 18-month long pandemic and a series of lockdowns), the idea of routine might feel boring, like it’s weighing you down or simply not part of your nature. But the truth is routine and structure are all around us and a fundamental part of ensuring that not only our natural world, but also our internal systems, work optimally and in unison. Just as the sun rises and sets everyday and the planets circle the sun to keep our natural world in order, our minds and bodies also depend on important routines to keep our whole beings in order. We rely on these patterns for clarity of mind, healthy bodily functions (digestion, sleep, etc.) and a calm nervous system so that we can remain grounded and be present to fully experience and enjoy the moments of our lives.  

And so, we encourage you to take notice of your life and ask yourself how much routine is currently in your day-to-day? Are you embracing a grounding routine? Are you present for the meaningful and purposeful moments of your life? Is the “routine” you currently have serving you or causing more feelings of anxiety and chaos?

For those who are interested in going deeper and receiving ideas, tools and exercises for how to actively and holistically embrace a grounding routine and be more present, we encourage you to join our free Digital Discovery program. Digital Discovery members receive weekly grounding tips focused on movement, nutrition, breathing, meditation, self-care and purpose, and are invited to a free online group wellness practice at the end of every month. And for those who are interested in learning more about the life science of Ayurveda, we invite you to read our foundational Ayurveda article with accompanying video.