Join us for our workshop series to deepen your personal health and wellness journey.

Each workshop focuses on a specific system of the body to help support your greater health and wellbeing. The sessions deep dive into each system from the perspective of Yoga and Ayurveda, and offer practices and recommendations that suit each dosha.

Workshops take place on Sundays between 10am and 12pm EST, and are $49 each or $229 for all six.


Jan 16: Intentions & Manifestation

This workshop goes deep into the act of setting clear and purposeful intentions, mapping out your life’s vision and stepping onto the path to manifest your greatest desires and lay the foundation for a healthy and joyful life.

Jul 17: Healing the Energetic Body

Explore how prana (the life force) sustains and has the power to heal our physical and energetic bodies. Learn how to release stagnant energy, while renewing and restoring your prana for greater vitality and overall wellbeing. 

Mar 13: Healing & Igniting the Gut

The gut plays the most crucial role in overall health. This workshop aligns traditional (Ayurveda) and modern science, to help you reignite this function to directly improve all other aspects of your wellbeing.  

Sep 18: Healing & Freeing the Mind

This workshop connects the ancient life sciences (Yoga) with modern day psychology to help you to understand what limiting beliefs are driving your life decisions and reframe them in order to live to your fullest potential.

May 15: Healing the Physical Body

This session breaks down some fundamentals regarding alignment, balance, functional strength, mobility and flexibility to help you connect into your body and re-train it for greater alignment.

Nov 13: Thriving in Pure Connection

Reconnect to the intentions set at the beginning of the year; reflect and reset your mind and body with helpful tools and practices, so you continue to live from a place of true meaning, calm and connection even throughout the busy holiday season.  

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