As these cold, wet and heavy months continue we often notice that our mood can be affected but we don’t often notice changes to our digestion. But as with all things in nature, nothing is fixed, including our digestion. If you pay attention you may notice that your food takes longer to digest or feels like it’s just sitting in your belly during this season when earth and water are most present.

These are signs of sluggish digestion and can be accompanied by changes in our elimination with larger, heavier, stickier and more oily stools. These symptoms are often accompanied by feelings of heaviness, suppressed appetite, excess salivation, as well as coughs, colds, congestion and allergies.

To help support our digestion and elimination during Kapha season we need to balance the slow, heavy, cold, oily and sticky qualities with foods and herbs that are light, hot, dry, sharp and clarifying. The general rule when Kapha is aggravated is to keep the digestive track – as well as the overall mind and body – warm and dry. 

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Healing & Igniting the Gut 
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