Our connection with the Caribbean island of Curacao goes back almost 20 years, with a member of our team calling the island home and many visits over the years for both work and pleasure. With it being such a special place to us, we are thrilled to announce our recent collaboration with local holistic wellness centre The Space Curacao.

Having long been known as the island of healing, it feels fitting to be offering a selection of our holistic health and wellness programs to the people of Curacao including our Online StudioAyurvedic Assessments and Transformational Coaching. To launch the collaboration we just wrapped up two wonderfully nourishing weeks hosting workshops, classes and a retreat at The Space, as well as some free events in the local community to spread the wellness word. Our sincere thanks to those who attended our sessions; it was an honour to be a part of your wellness journey and we look forward to continuing it with you. Our appreciation also goes out to The International School of Curacao8 SpaKomeBlue Bay and Harmonia for supporting our work.  

The workshops, classes and retreat covered a range of topics from Healing the Subtle Body, The Mindful Practice of Asana and The Sister Sciences to Unlocking the Mind, Gut, Body and Purpose. We were so happy to share the teachings and practices throughout the sessions, and also to see them being so well received. We’d like to thank Shalini from Herbology for sharing her recipe for tri-doshic kitchari with us in the interactive portion of Unlocking the Gut and also Hofi Cas Cora for preparing a delicious Ayurvedic meal for us as part of our Lunch & Learn: An Introduction to the Ayurvedic Diet.  

So much meaningful learning and connection happened throughout the Curacao sessions that we’ll be sharing some of the best moments and insights with our Digital Discovery members over the course of the next month (if you aren’t already a member of our free Digital Discovery program you can register to become a member now). For instance, one of my favourite moments occurred during the Unlock Your Mind workshop when we were discussing the proverbial voice in our head and how we are actually not that voice; it felt like there was a collective sigh of relief in the room at that moment and it set the stage for deeper learning and discussion. 

To experience one of our sessions for yourself, please join us for our next online workshop:  

Healing The Physical Body Through Mindful Movement
This session breaks down some fundamentals regarding alignment, balance, functional strength, mobility and flexibility to help you connect into your body and re-train it for greater alignment. Register now.