It’s been a busy couple of months here at Nourished Union. We continue to be grateful for the opportunity to do the work that we do, even travelling to other parts of the world to share the teachings, build new connections and develop new ways of helping people to live well.

But even when we are busy one of the things we continue to do as a company is to slow down and reflect on where we are, what we are doing and where we want to go so that we don’t lose sight of why we exist in the first place. We do this to stay true to our purpose and to ensure we are connected into and delivering on our promise to our clients. 

In our recent moments of reflection we have been thinking a lot about one of our core values – that living well is a fundamental right to all beings and that to live in harmony is innate within each of us – and what it really means in our world today. We have the honour and privilege to meet and share with many people through the course of our lives and work, and sometimes we get to hear heartwarming stories about joy and connection. But as our modern world continues to become more chaotic and complicated, we are hearing stories about people of all ages in all areas of life struggling with the basics of living well, such as sleep and stress management, let alone higher level concerns around understanding one’s purpose and laying the foundation for a joyful life. 

And so, when we think more about our philosophy (see video below) and mission of helping all beings to live well as a way of life, it’s important that we acknowledge just how far out of balance our modern world has taken us and that to truly help people we must meet them where they are. For many that means first just reminding them of this fundamental right they have lost sight of and re-educating them on what it is to live well. It also means developing programs for corporations to support them in making the kind of real cultural changes that will shift workplaces from being contributors to poor mental health to places that understand their fundamental responsibility towards their employees as people. It means developing programs for schools so that the next generation knows how to access the tools that exist within them to self-regulate and stay true to who they are, so they can learn and stay balanced even in an increasingly complex world. And it means developing programs for families so that the fundamental unit of our societies are rooted in calm, connection and compassion.

Another challenging reality we have had to acknowledge when looking at our mission is the inequality that exists in our world today, which means that in order to truly help all beings exercise their fundamental right to live well we need to develop our giving programs in order to bring the teachings to those who would normally not have access to them but who may benefit from them the most.

Over the course of the coming months we will be sharing news and updates about our new Live Well Workshop Series for individuals, families, companies (Work Well Workshop Series) and schools (Learn Well Workshop Series), as well as our giving programs, with our Digital Discovery members (if you aren’t already a member of our free Digital Discovery program you can register to become a member now). As always, you’re welcome to learn more about or join one of our existing Online Wellness Programs.