If you stop for a minute just now to notice your energy and the energy of those around you, from your loved ones and co-workers to the people in the subway or in the stores, what would you say you notice most? Perhaps you would say that people’s energies are a little elevated, edgy, intense? Maybe even a little fiery?

There’s good reason for that. We are in the height of Pitta season, when fire and water are most prominent, and this energy can affect us all. This intense and fiery Pitta energy also coincides with the societal run up to the proverbial finish line: the summer holidays. This often means people are working to meet deadlines, close out projects, finish up school and perform in end-of-the-year events and recitals, which only contributes to the collective intensity. We end up exerting a lot of energy, burning the candle at both ends, just to reach the “finish line”…but is this really how we should be looking at it?

When we do this we often, without really noticing it, transfer the intense energy from meeting deadlines and closing out projects into our personal holidays by over planning and filling our summer months with events, get togethers, concerts, BBQs, pool parties, cottage getaways and other trips. So, what should be a time for rest and relaxation also ends up becoming filled with things to do, fit in and not miss out on, and once again we end up exerting a lot of energy. We let ourselves believe this energy is “worth it” because it’s for fun and meaningful things but it’s important to pay attention to how much energy we’re spending on planning and doing, rather than just being. Because, in the end, we all want our summers to be about living and relaxing – not planning.

In order to balance this intense Pitta energy going into the summer holidays, we need to actively invite some softness and cooling into our approach, which will allow us to settle and really experience our holidays by being in the moment.

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