Nature is a set of cycles that are in constant motion. These cycles are necessary for all living forces, from the monthly moon cycles and its affects on the planet; to the all-pervasive cycle of birth and death for the birth of something new; to the daily cycles of digestion and rest needed to sustain life. Each of these cycles has a key element that makes the necessary shift occur — a transitionary period from one to the next.  

One of the greatest transitions we all experience on Earth, is the shift in seasons. This is not simply the day on the Gregorian calendar that marks the change of season, rather it is honoring the transitionary period from one season to another. This time of transition, according to Ayurveda is where two seasons meet, known as Ritu Sandhi.  One week of the former season and one week of later season forms the time of Ritusandhi. During the two-week transition between these two seasons, your health may be a bit more delicate than usual.

In Ayurveda, the three doshas are present in the seasons throughout the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, we typically see this reflected as:

  • Kapha (pṛthvī/earth & jala/water):
    • late winter to early spring
  • Pitta (agni/fire & jala/water):
    • late spring to summer
  • Vata (akasha/space & vāyu/air):
    • fall to early winter

How the Doshas are Present & Accumulate throughout the Season

During the time of Kapha, the heaviness of earth and water can be supportive through the winter months, to create stability. But as the weather warms, these elements will liquify in the body — resulting in congestion that shows in the form of coughs/colds and allergies, that are typical in the months of spring.  

Pitta is a time of heat and humidity through the summer months, where we tend towards cooler foods and environments for balance. This coolness that we are seeking are the elements of Vata. If we’re not careful, as summer transitions to fall (pitta to vata), the elements of space and air may accumulate in the mind and body, causing immune depletion, anxiety and over-all feelings of being unsettled.

The Intelligence & Purposeful Intentions of Ayurveda

It is the wise ebb and flow of nature for these elements to be present in varying degrees throughout the year. Though it becomes of concern when these elements begin to accumulate within the mind and body, as this leads to the beginning stages of disease, according to Ayurveda. However, if we align with nature, these cycles will bring with it a state of homeostasis and balance for the mind and body, thus reseting our cellular intelligence and warding off disease.

For many of us, this requires slowing down to consciously reflect and adapt. And as such, Ayurveda has a laid out an intentional regimine of practices and diet to support you through this 2-week transitionary period, known as Ritucharya. The Sanskrit word “Ritucharya” is comprised of two words. “Ritu” means season, and “Charya” means regimen.

Ayurveda beautifully lays out a regimen to purposefully slow down, take stock, support the mind and body through nourishing foods and practices and ultimately reset. When practiced with the right intentions and honoring the Sacred Pause, it will recalibrate the mind and body to strengthen immunity, digestion and support overall health and wellbeing.  

And as with all things in nature, timing is everything. It is of no mistake that Ritu Sandhi is over the Fall Equinox, a time in nature to shift from light to dark, from outward expansion to inner stillness.  In this ceaseless process of change, this timing is a gift to shift inward, dissolve what is unnecessary and return in a greater and healthier form.

Though for many of us, we don’t know how these elements have accumulated, what imbalances exist and ultimately what our current state requires. This is exactly why Karen has developed a guided 10-Day program to support each individual during the time of Ritu Sandhi.  

Ritucharya: 10-Day Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleanse (Sep 2023)

Join Karen as she guides you in this time of Sacred Pause with a reseting 10-Day program.  

This program not only provides a gentle cleansing protocol for your digestion, but truly makes it unique to YOU. As with anything in Ayurveda, we fully understand that there is no one size fits all approach. In addition, we must care for the process of entering and existing the cleanse protocol with as much awareness and intention as the cleanse itself. Karen will provide a holistic approach by leaning on the sister sciences, and guide you through the cleanse with the support of Yoga Therapy to nurture the mind and subtle realms as well.

Dates: September 17 – 26, 2023

  • Early Bird Pricing: $143 CAD (until Sep 1st) – use code “EARLYBIRDAUG
  • $179 CAD – after Sep 1st

Program Includes:

  • 1:1 Personal Assessment with Karen to identify specific imbalances to you, and how to refine the cleanse to your specific needs at this time
  • Preparation (3 days) of specific protocols to prepare the mind and body (including recipes, and daily practices)
  • Cleanse (5 days) of a specific mono-diet (all recipes and shopping list included) + guided recorded practices to support healing and restoring
  • Restore & Renew (2 days) of gentle practices to support the mind and body as you return back to your daily lifestyle
  • Recipes — including the main mono-diet + recipes of detoxifying and balancing soups, vegetable dishes, medicinal teas
  • Yoga Therapy — 10 (daily) pre-recorded practices to support the cleansing process, the return of body and mind to a place of equilibrium, a sense of grounding, a calmer mind and improved sleep
  • Live Group Session — mid-way through the cleanse, Karen will host a live group session to
    • Check-in to discuss the cleansing process, and
    • Guide you through a calming and nurturing practice for Deep Inner Listening


  • Group Live: September 19th from 7-8pm EST
  • Assessment to be completed before September 15th
  • Value of program: $325

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