Fall is a time of transition.  We see the transition in nature everywhere we look.  The drastic change in temperature, hints to us to prepare for the colder months ahead. From the trees letting go of its protective leafy barrier, to the browning of the earth, and the wind picking up a crisper, dryer air – these are all signs that colder temperatures and the winter season are around the corner.



The transition of elemental qualities happens within our bodies as well.  Have you noticed your body showing signs that the heat and wet qualities of summer (like radiant skin, and luscious hair) have started to change, leaving you with with dryer skin and hair?  Not just physical changes – you may notice a difficulty concentrating and sleeping, and the greater desire for heavier and warmer foods?  These is all part of the natural cycle in nature – both in our external and internal landscapes.

To take on this transition, without allowing too many imbalances to occur, we need to offer time to connect inward and understand what we need to balance and how to bring energy back into daily life.  Such imbalances you may be feeling due to the fall/winter season (and vata qualities) are: irritability, increased anxiety, trouble sleeping, difficulties concentrating, challenges digesting and eliminating or simply stubborn dry skin, that won’t nourish with more lotion…

Moving with the seasons by adjusting your daily routing with a holistic approach to your diet and personal practice (in mindfulness, movement and self-care), will off-set the effects of each season, so you can better maintain your internal sense of equilibrium throughout the year.


This free 7-day online guided reset will support you to connect inward, gain clarity and balance for greater well-being.  Through this online program, you’ll receive the necessary tools to reset your personal intentions, focus on reseting your heart and mind-set, as well as provide practices to help you integrate an Ayurvedic Vata-balancing daily routine (that will support you with the right foods, personal care, mindful and physical practices).  You’ll receive a step-by-step guide that will help you to build a holistic Ayurvedic lifestyle that leaves you feeling in balance with your true nature – fully nourished, energized and focused through the fall/winter season.



  • Daily Guidance: 7 days of emails/videos, offering knowledge on how to successfully implement a personal practice
  • Nourishing Morning & Evening Routines: Vata-balancing practices in self-care to help ground the mind-body
  • Food & Nutrition Guide: Vata-balancing foods and recipes to support your immune and gain greater energy
  • Yoga Asana Sequence: Vata-balancing physical postures to support building focus and strength
  • Mindful and Breathing Practices: Vata-balancing techniques to clear and cleanse the mind-body free from any stagnation
  • Curated Content: other wellness resources to support you for success through the seasonal transition
  • Bonus Videos: to support boosting your immune system
  • Optional Add-On: Custom cleanse plan + private coaching sessions with Karen


COST: $0

It is the right of every individual to live a healthy and well-balanced life.  With the busy-ness of today’s society, we sometimes need a few gentle reminders on how to bring ourselves back into balance.  This program is designed to do just that.  Specially curated content to support your busy life, and provide easy and effective wellness tools gain more focus, clarity and energy through this fall and winter season. 





Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences.  They both stem from the Vedic teachings and are meant to be practiced together.  In short, yoga creates balance between mind, emotions and senses with the greater goal of reaching enlightenment.  Ayurveda shares in the same principles and offers daily self-care practices to keep the body in a healthy state of being to support the practice of yoga.  After-all, without a healthy body, we are unable to reach deeper states of enlightenment through the mind.  We need the one to practice the other.

Ayurvedic medicine is based on the principle that every individual has a unique constitution that is related to the energies in the body.  A balanced constitution is optimal for health; likewise, an imbalanced constitution is susceptible to illnesses of the mind and body.  Central to ayurveda and yoga is the need to individualize teachings for each person’s unique nature and changing conditions.  Our constitutions are said to be determined by the three vital energies of doshas known as vata, pitta and kapha.  The doshas represent the five elements, which compose everything in the universe: space, air, fire, earth and water.

Though it is important to know our “birth” constitution, or dosha prakruti, it can be difficult to evaluate by questionnaire alone and can confuse the newcomer to Ayurveda.  What is often more practical for us in daily life is to understand when we are out of balance and to identify the dosha vikruti (imbalance).  By identifying the imbalance we can gently lead it back to its proper home and alleviate the turmoil it causes when it begins to move from its natural state.  There are many signs and symptoms associated with doshas being out fo balance.  By recognizing the culprit, you can being to bring it back to balance by leveraging self-care and nutrition as well as yogic asanas, pranayam (breathing) and mindfulness practices.


For greater understanding of your personal constitution and a personal practice that is personalized to support your unique needs currently, book a free initial consultation with Ayurveda-Yoga Specialist, Karen here.




We are not nutritionists, dieticians or medical professionals. The information provided in this plan has been developed following research and is based on personal experience with nutrition, wellbeing, health coaching, Yoga and Ayurveda knowledge attained by Karen Brar through her many years of studies within the field of holistic wellness. As with any diet, exercise, supplementation or medication program – before you start, you should consult a healthcare professional and in particular, if you have a health concern of any kind,  it is recommended that you consult with your doctor or other medical professional.


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