At Nourished Union we believe that living well is a fundamental right to all beings and that to live in harmony is, in fact, innate within each of us. However, the realities of our modern world are such that we now have to work hard to filter out the noise in order to be able to return to this place of balance through a process of awareness, healing and transformation. This process requires work and commitment, and we are here to help guide you through it and back to a place of living well.

personal journey


Rooted in the foundations of the classical teachings and combined with modern day health and wellness principles, our process takes you through a personal journey.


Our Commitments

Throughout our journey of discussing and developing Nourished Union we often came back to this idea of wanting to be a more enlightened company. A company that not only works to do good in the world but one that also, in the course of doing business, holds itself to a higher standard.