Throughout our journey of discussing and developing Nourished Union we often came back to this idea of wanting to be a more enlightened company. A company that not only works to do good in the world but one that also, in the course of doing business, holds itself to a higher standard.

Taking inspiration from the classical teachings of yoga, which lay out a path for conducting oneself in order to live a more purposeful life, we have laid out some commitments for how we want to be and what we want to prioritize. Just as we work to guide you through your personal journey, we see these commitments as a guide for our journey as a company. While we know we won’t be perfect and we will surely make some mistakes along the way, we will always strive to do better. And as our journey unfolds our commitments will change and grow as we do.


Our founder became a student of the classical teachings after experiencing the powerful holistic affects of yoga firsthand. Her yoga practice helped her to develop a new, deeper awareness that not only motivated her to pursue in-depth studies in the philosophies and practices of Yoga and Ayurveda, but it also impassioned her to share the teachings with others to help them find balance and meaning in their lives. It is this authentic experience of the power of the practice and genuine desire to share it with others that drives Nourished Union. We are committed to honouring our reason for being and authentically presenting the ancient practices alongside modern day wellness science to deliver truly effective programs.

Gratitude & Connection

In our gratitude practices we teach that consciously taking note of what you are grateful for and thanking the people in your life can improve your mental and physical health. We think it’s important for us to do the same as a company. At Nourished Union we are thankful for the opportunity to do the work that we do and for the trust and confidence of our clients. We show our gratitude through the quality of our programs but also with Me Days. Me Days are free 60-minute wellness sessions that can be booked on an ad-hoc basis when a client needs it the most, no questions asked. We all have those days when we feel like we need a break from it all; Me Days offer our clients TLC when they need it most and are our way of saying “thanks”.

And for when clients are feeling disconnected from their loved ones, they are welcome to turn their Me Day into a We Day. We Days offer clients the opportunity to invite someone special in their life to join them for the free 60-minute session either as a way to introduce them to wellness or to feel supported in their own journey.  The session can be dedicated to a practice in yoga, meditation, breath, self care or even a Q&A discussion about the healing sciences. The idea is for the two of you to connect through wellness and, if after the session, your guest decides to join the Nourished Union community you will receive an extra Me Day to use when you wish.


One of the drivers behind our work is a deep belief in the need to slow down and clear the clutter from our lives. But more than just clearing the clutter, we need to relearn how to connect the dots around what is truly important in order to simplify and enjoy more meaningful lives. To help you do this we have tried our best to distill the ancient teachings and combine them with present day health practices to develop a set of simple wellness programs that you can incorporate into your everyday life. We are committed to the concept of simplicity and to continuously improving our offerings so they remain effective, and don’t add to the noise and clutter of life.


The very notion of health and wellness is underpinned by a commitment to lifelong learning and growth. As a company, education is core to our work as wellness practitioners by way of industry immersion and ongoing professional development. We are committed to continuous learning and growth in our professions in order to better serve and guide our clients through their personal wellness journeys.

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