Slow down, find balance and live a more healthy and meaningful life everyday.

Life is a journey and we believe the journey should be filled with meaning and connection. We are here to guide you through your personal wellness journey and back to a place of living well.

Philosophy & Programs

With our philosophy rooted in the foundations of the classical teachings of Yoga, Ayurveda and Energy Healing, combined with modern day Health and Wellness Coaching, we design and deliver online education and wellness programs to improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being. We also understand that each individual is unique, so our programs are based on your personal readiness, individual goals and particular stage of life.

Experiences & Giving Back

While wellness involves connecting inwards, it is also very much about connecting outwards with the world around us. Our live events and curated immersive travel experiences are designed to bring us together and intune with nature to truly connect with each other and our shared planet. Whenever possible, events and travel are done in collaboration with our charitable partners to allow us to close the circle and give back to all that gives us life.

Connection & Education Programs

Finally, you might notice that you will not have found Nourished Union by way of a direct social media presence. In the spirit of guiding others through a journey towards their authentic self, we felt it important to be true to ourselves throughout the process also. We initially tried but eventually found we could not get to a real and genuine place when communicating the vision and work of Nourished Union on social media. We have since built our community on a dedicated platform that allows us to deliver purposeful content that’s inline with our approach to the wellness journey. We grow our community via our commitment to connection and Digital Discovery programs, as well as various outreach initiatives.   

Welcome to Nourished Union. We look forward to the journey, together.