How to Naturally Lower Public Enemy No. 1

This world is busier than ever. And whether you live in the bustle of a big city, or in the calm of the countryside - you're likely faced with keeping up with "the busy". From the never ending to-do list at work, home and (if you're lucky) in your social life… to the now constant noise, bombarding us from social media, news, and advertisements, you may feel like you're often reacting to the outside world, while trying to keep your sanity in check.

Shift from Busy to Intentional

Morning alarm goes off, press snooze (1-5 times), or better yet, you wake with one of the kids poking your face until you open your eyes...  Whatever it is, it feels like you barely slept, and here comes another day.  Full of meetings, endless to-dos, business lunches, kids soccer game or school play (or both), while planning a weekend away with friends.  Forget Keeping Up With the Kardashians, try keeping up with your own life!  The days are never long enough, and yet even if they were, I often wonder if we wouldn't just find more to fill the days with.  Much like a woman's handbag, the bigger it is, the more you put in it.