While Nourished Union is a digital wellness company that operates globally our physical roots are in Toronto, Canada.

We are proud to be a part of the Toronto community and, whenever possible, we enjoy hosting local wellness events close to home.

Our local wellness events are immersive and focused on bringing health and wellness classes out of traditional spaces and into the community. We bring people together in nature or in neighbourhood spaces (we also see our local wellness events as an opportunity to support fellow local businesses) because we believe that wellness is borderless and can be experienced anytime, anywhere. We want to uplift the members of our community, offering them a pause from the pressures of everyday life in order to bring them closer together and to their life’s true intentions and meaning.

To accommodate those who prefer digital access over the course of the pandemic, we are currently offering ongoing online health and wellness workshops, which combine the ancient practices of Yoga & Ayurveda with modern medical science to teach the key principles of holistic health, including:

Some of our past local wellness events have included:

Rise & Flow Yoga (The Simple Kitchen, Toronto)

Start your morning with an energizing flow yoga class (all-levels).  Uplift and rejuvenate for the day ahead with a vinyasa flow sequence, closing with deep stretches to invigorate the mind and body.

Mindfulness Meditation (The Drake Hotel, Toronto)

Return to a state of inner peace and reconnect with your complete self.  This class accommodates both beginners and seasoned meditators who are looking to deepen their practice.  The session begins with a minor meditation, to allow the body and mind to connect to the present moment, followed by a guided major meditation to explore various mindfulness techniques and create a deeper awareness.  The session allows time for discussion to address any challenges and to introduce tools for incorporating a mindfulness practice into daily life.

The Fierce Forum (Women’s Mecca, Toronto)

This forum is for fierce women to come together to learn, grow and connect. The gathering is focused on women supporting women through the challenges and situations we face at work, home and in general day-to-day life. The idea is to dive into what drives us and what holds us back – to share how to move through the challenges to get to a place of greater peace, happiness and connection. The forum will start with a short meditation, including learning techniques for starting a daily mindfulness practice. The meditation will be followed by an open discussion, moderated by special guests, over delicious wine and food.

Restore and Unwind Yin (The Drake Underground, Toronto)

Unwind from the weekend and get ready for the week ahead with this restorative yin yoga class. By returning to a place of stillness, your body will begin to release through the connective tissues, which is a place where much of our life’s history is stored.  This practice allows for a deep release of tension and resistance, enabling a deep shift in your state of being.

Energizing Flow Yoga (Atrium @ Ricarda’s Restaurant, Toronto)

This energizing, all-levels yoga class will flow between asanas while linking breath to movement; set an intention, connect inwards and invigorate your internal energy for a clear and focused day.

Self-Renewal Urban Retreat (IN Lifestyle, Toronto)

Whether you’ve already started on your path to living your most meaningful life or you’re feeling the urge to reset your focus and begin your journey, join us for a day full of integrative holistic wellness sessions to reignite your internal flame and start the year focused on health, well-being and meaning.

Setup a Discovery Call with us today if you are a local business owner interested in partnering with us for a wellness event.