Build the physical and mental strength you need to feel your best this season.

Presented by: Karen Brar, Founder of Nourished Union & Janeen Yusuf, RNP Ayurveda and RYT

Ritucharya is a practice in Ayurveda that is dedicated to preparing our mind and body for seasonal shifts. As seasons change, elements of our natural world change with them. For instance, in autumn/early winter or the Ayurvedic season of Vata, trees dry out, the wind picks up and the air gets cooler. And while we may not be as accustomed to noticing, it is important to understand that similar shifts are occurring within our bodies as well. Our skin dries out, our thinking can become quicker or more distracted and we feel more chilled.

These whole body changes may seem harmless but depending on your individual dosha and your current imbalances they could progress into more extreme forms of dis-ease such as eczema, anxiety, insomnia and cold or flu. Seasonal attunements are a way to get ahead of these issues, helping you to build the physical and mental strength required to fight off ailments that may come with the change in season. But seasonal attunements are more than just about fighting off ailments, they are also about balancing your whole self to feel your best during the season. For instance, when Vata forces are in balance they can invoke creativity, agility and a real “joie de vivre.”

In this 2-hour online workshop we will focus on how Ayurveda teaches us how we can use food and nutrition to help prevent dis-ease and promote balance. We will make fun and delicious foods during the guided cooking class using healthy and grounding ingredients that will also support overall gut-health.

And for those that would like to go deeper, we are also offering a 4-week Attunement Practice program that honours the holistic nature of Ayurveda by providing practices to balance not just your physical being but also your mental, emotional and energetic beings. The program will provide you with yoga asana, meditation, breathing and self-care practices designed to help you settle and root in order to get the most out of this Vata season. The practices will be sent via weekly recordings every Monday and you’ll receive supportive guidance throughout via live online reflection sessions with a practitioner ever Saturday.

Online Workshop: Seasonal Attunements

Saturday, October 23, 2021 @ 11am EST (2 hours)

Cost: $55 (online workshop only)

What You’ll Get:

  • Welcome meditation
  • Guided cooking class focused on highlighting Ayurvedic nutrition recommendations for the season
  • Ayurvedic Nutrition Talk: The power of food to heal and balance the body, mind and energy, including recommendations for optimal food combinations and how to ignite your agni (digestive fire)
  • Follow-up information including recipes and a summary of the recommendations presented during the event

4-Week Program: Attunement Practices

Monday, October 25 to Saturday, November 20, 2021

Cost: $120 (online workshop + attunement program)

What You’ll Get:

  • Week 1: Asana Practice Recording (Oct 25) + Online Check-In: Reflections on the Physical Body (Oct 30)
  • Week 2: Meditation Recording (Nov 1) + Online Check-In: Reflections on the Mental Body (Nov 6)
  • Week 3: Breath Recording (Nov 8) + Online Check-In: Reflections on the Energetic Body (Nov 13)
  • Week 4: Self-Care Recording (Nov 15) + Online Check-In: Putting Together a Daily Practice (Nov 20)