Give your family the gift of a more meaningful and mindful holiday season.

Here at Nourished Union we want nothing more than for you and your loved ones to enjoy a happy and healthy holiday season together. We want you to create more time and space for relaxing, recharging and connecting, so that you are able to take on the holiday hustle with a balanced calm. To help you connect into the true spirit of the season and overcome the overwhelm that often comes with meeting holiday expectations, we are offering Family Mindfulness for the Holidays sessions in the months of November and December. 

Invite your whole family to this 75-minute session ($99, all ages welcome, up to a maximum of 10 people) and you’ll receive accessible and tangible mindfulness practices you can incorporate into your holiday season to help you all be more present, reduce stress and increase feel-good hormones. The practices will be customized to your family’s needs and will be rooted in the holistic health practices of Yoga and Ayurveda – they also promise to be fun and focused on helping you connect into the true meaning of the holidays.