Workshop: Clearing Your Mind to Achieve Change in Your Life

Sunday, January 29th | 10am-12pm EST | $49

Learn how to clear your mind and connect into your true self to drive real and achievable change in your life.

We all have a voice in our head but what we often don’t understand is that we are not that voice. Nor are we our thoughts, beliefs, feelings or physical body. We are our Atma or soul and all the other noise often influences us by pulling us away from the life we truly want to and are meant to lead.

clear mind meditation
mind clearing

What You’ll Learn

According to the Sages, the mind stands in between the body and the soul. In order for an individual to be deeply connected to self and awaken one’s wisdom our mind needs to be clear. In this workshop you will learn:

  • How your are not the voice in your head and the importance of mind clearing and clear mind meditation practices.
  • How habits and beliefs develop from both the perspective of the ancient sciences and modern day psychology.
  • How to clear your mind to achieve realistic and achievable change in any aspect of your life through understanding and managing the cognitive processes underpinning your beliefs.