Workshop: Preventing Disease & Prioritizing Health (Sleep Edition)

Sunday, September 25th | 10am – 12pm EST | $49

Learn how to balance “dis-ease” in your mind and body, and manage your overall health to prevent serious disease.

Anxiety, migraines, stomach upset, weight gain, problems sleeping and other forms of “dis-ease” are all too common signs and symptoms of imbalances in the body which, if left unchecked, could lead to more serious diseases. In fact, a number of chronic diseases in our world today, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and some types of cancers, are all considered to be lifestyle based and preventable through proper management of our holistic health and preventative health practices.

sleep and preventative health
yoga and preventative health

What You’ll Learn

With the intensities and complexities of our modern world many of our minds and bodies have responded by going into overdrive or cruise control, and we may be so disconnected from ourselves that we can’t even identify the warning signs and signals our bodies are giving off – but each sign and symptom means something. In this sleep edition of the workshop you will learn:

  • How to identify and balance common forms of sleep related “dis-ease” in your body through somatic connection as preventative health and primary prevention of disease practices.
  • How to develop a healthy sleep routine through an introduction to the sister sciences of Yoga & Ayurveda, which are ancient health practices that are rooted in what we now call preventative healthcare.
  • How to manage your sleep hygiene in alignment with the natural world for a more healthy, balanced and conscious life.