Workshop: Deepening Your Yoga Asana Practice for Greater Holistic Health

Sunday, November 27th | 10am-12pm EST | $49

Learn how Ayurveda’s wisdom integrates with the fundamentals of the Asana practice and how it fits in the Yoga system to get more out of your physical practice.

Although the physical practice (Asanas) is what most people in the west consider to be Yoga, they often don’t know why they are doing it and may not even be doing it correctly. Asana is just one part of the greater Yogic system for holistic health and wellness and, therefore, to get the full benefits out of your physical practice it is important to understand the fundamentals: how it fits within the system and how it should be practiced alongside the other elements. 

yoga fundamentals
yoga fundamentals

What You’ll Learn

By focusing on the intersection between mindfulness and physical form you can achieve a greater level of awareness in your physical Yoga Asana practice. In this workshop you will learn:

  • How the practice of Asana is just one part of the greater Yogic system and how, to get the full benefits of your physical practice, it should be practiced alongside the other elements.
  • The fundamentals of Yoga with respect to the movements, alignment, balance, functional strength, mobility and flexibility to ensure you are connecting into your body correctly and not causing injury.
  • How to integrate your breath, access the energy points of the bandhas and feel your body access postures in whole new ways.
  • Understand what practices are best for each constitution, and develop a daily practice that sustainably works for you.