Awareness is the process of slowing down and listening to our inner selves.

Through the ancient teachings of Yoga & Ayurveda we understand that within each of us there is an innate ability to live well. To live in harmony within ourselves and the world around us. Yet, many of us today live with feelings of disharmony: discomfort, resistance and even suffering. Some of us might experience this as feeling unhealthy in our bodies, others might feel disharmony as stress, anxiety, a lack of purpose, overworked…you get the picture. The distractions of our modern world and the feeling of trying to survive it have moved us away from our inner awareness and true nature. But, when we listen carefully to the disharmony, to our yearnings for something greater, we are able to recognize them as the deep rumblings of our authentic selves trying to bring us back to a place of balance.

Our online Awareness Programs focus on learning and education:

  • Learn how to slow down and listen to your body, mind and energetic self, recognizing any feelings of disharmony and introducing ways to address imbalances. 
  • Our awareness programs increase in depth and engagement. Start slow with our free Digital Discovery program and when you’re ready to learn more consider our Wellness Workshops and The Flow Sessions.
  • An in-depth Holistic Wellness Assessment caps off our awareness programming and provides the foundational information required for our healing centered programs.

Digital Discovery

Our free Digital Discovery program is designed to introduce you to the basic principles of wellness with curated digital content. 

Wellness Workshops

This set of three introductory, two-hour Wellness Workshops are meant to be attended in sequence and designed to help you build healthy practices into your life. 

Flow Sessions

This set of four one-hour Flow Sessions are designed to breakdown the principles and flow of the various personal practices, looking at the what and how but also the why to integrate them into your daily life. 

Holistic Wellness Assessment

This in-depth consultation starts by reviewing the results of your Health and Wellness Intake Form and moves to providing you with recommendations specific to your personal needs.