This set of three introductory, two-hour Wellness Workshops are meant to be attended in sequence and designed to help you build healthy practices into your life. 

Workshop 1: Stress Detox

Learn how to identify the physiological responses and effects of stress so that you can read the warning signs and ultimately overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed. This introductory workshop addresses the crisis our modern world is living in and how the human nervous system is not designed to deal with the stressors and pressures of our everyday lives. By understanding the dangers of how stress can take over behaviours, you will learn the value of slowing down, identifying reactionary habits to stress and developing new ways to respond.

Workshop 2: Resilience Reset

Change is inevitable and, in our modern world, it happens often. With so much on the go, priorities shift and often conflict with one another. How we perceive and react to these on-going changes can either set us up for productive and joyful days or lead to a perceived never ending cycle of stress. This workshop builds on the foundations learnt in the Stress Detox and goes deeper into understanding our desires and how to shift from resistance to resilience in moments of stress and change.

Workshop 3: Source Awakening 

To live in balance means to live with purpose; to connect to our deep wisdom and whole self, and to return to our true nature. This final workshop in the series is designed to awaken the source energy within and teaches you to connect to it daily through mindful and nourishing practices. So that when the busy-ness of life takes over you not only have the tools but can trust your awakened wisdom to guide you. Our true nature knows how to serve, protect and fulfill our needs; we simply need to remove what’s blocking us, create the space and listen.


Cost: $75 per workshop

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