Develop and integrate a wellness practice into your daily life.

Awareness is the process of slowing down and listening to our inner selves.  Through the ancient teachings of Yoga & Ayurveda we understand that within each of us there is an innate ability to live well. To live in harmony within ourselves and the world around us. Yet, many of us today live with feelings of disharmony: discomfort, resistance and even suffering. Some of us might experience this as feeling unhealthy in our bodies, others might feel disharmony as stress, anxiety, a lack of purpose, overworked…you get the picture. The distractions of our modern world and the feeling of trying to survive it have moved us away from our inner awareness and true nature. But, when we listen carefully to the disharmony, to our yearnings for something greater, we are able to recognize them as the deep rumblings of our authentic selves trying to bring us back to a place of balance.

Our Awareness Program provides you with the foundational skills and information required to start building a daily wellness practice and tuning inward.

What You’ll Get:

  • A 4-week digital wellness series designed to breakdown the principles of the various daily practices (yoga, breath work, meditation and self-care), looking at the what and the how and, most importantly, why these practices shift your personal circadian rhythms, allowing you to experience more peace and presence in your day-to-day life.
  • In-depth focus each week on a different part of the practice including:
    • Yoga: Safe and functional movement to build strength and release the body
    • Breath Work: Breath practices to build capacity and calm the nervous system
    • Meditation: Mindfulness meditation to create a deep inward connection
    • Self-Care: Morning self-care rituals to awaken the senses
  • A 1-hour personal online question and answer session with one of our wellness coaches after completing the series to address any questions you may have and to support integrating the practices into your daily life.
  • A program with on-demand videos designed to reinforce the wellness practice with practical tools for modern daily life, whether you’re new to Yoga and Ayurveda or a seasoned practitioner.
  • Access to the Digital Discovery program.


  • Feel stronger, healthier and more energized by learning how to practice yoga.
  • Release anxiety and experience peace and relaxation by learning how to practice meditation.
  • Expand your life force and feel lighter and more positive by learning how to practice breath work.
  • Nourish yourself and experience everyday joys by learning how to practice self-care.

Cost: $299

Join the Awareness Program and start your wellness journey today.