Deepen your wellness practice in a supportive group setting.

Healing is the process of letting go of what no longer serve us. It is only once we listen to our inner wisdom, become aware of our patterned behaviours, and start letting go of the things that don’t serve us, that we can then start healing. Healing is the process of shedding those things that are getting in the way of us being our true selves and realigning through the practice of daily rituals designed to help us take care of our whole selves. Taking care of our bodies with the therapeutic practices of Ayurveda, taking care of our minds with mindfulness and other forms of meditation, and taking care of our energetic souls with Yoga and Reiki. Healing involves developing a true interest in exploring what balance means for us; connecting inwards but also outwards with each other and the natural world around us. Much more than just building habits and ticking things off a list, practicing daily rituals is about living with purpose and really taking in the experience so that you benefit from the value it offers and feel more fulfilled.

Our Healing Program allows you to connect with others on your wellness journey while building a daily practice at a pace that feels right for you.

What You’ll Get:

Membership to The Well, our group wellness program:

  • An in-depth Health and Wellness Consultation; complete the intake form and receive personal recommendations from one of our wellness coaches.
  • Daily online group wellness sessions Monday to Friday that are 15 to 45 minutes in length; Saturdays are dedicated to 75-minute self-care workshops and weekly check-ins.
  • On-demand access to recordings in case you miss any live sessions.
  • One personal coaching session per month.
  • 2 Me Days a year and unlimited We Days .
  • Access to the Digital Discovery program.


  • Become truly healthy with a completely personalized holistic wellness plan.
  • Feel more energized through a daily yoga and mindfulness practice.
  • Experience deep nourishing peace and relaxation with weekly self-care workshops.
  • Connect and share your wellness experiences with others.
  • Move beyond whatever is standing between you and your wellbeing with personal coaching.

Cost: $279/month

Join the Healing Program and start your wellness journey today.

At Nourished Union we are thankful for the opportunity to do the work that we do and for the trust and confidence of our clients. We show our gratitude through the quality of our programs but also with Me Days. Me Days are free 60-minute wellness sessions that can be booked on an ad-hoc basis when a client needs it the most, no questions asked. We all have those days when we feel like we need a break from it all; Me Days offer our clients TLC when they need it most and are our way of saying “thanks”. Note: 2 Me Days available per year after 3 months of consecutive program membership.

We have created We Days for times when our clients are feeling disconnected from their loved ones - and as a way to grow our community. We Days offer clients the opportunity to invite someone special in their life to join them for a free 60-minute session either as a way to introduce them to wellness or to feel supported in their own journey.  The session can be dedicated to a practice in yoga, meditation, breath, self-care or even a Q&A discussion about the healing sciences. The idea is for the two of you to connect through wellness and to introduce your guest to the Nourished Union community. Note: Unlimited We Days are available to clients.