This program is designed to heal imbalances specific to you and your constitution in order to bring you back to a centered and healthy place.

Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences that are meant to be practiced together to bring balance to your mind, body, emotions and senses with practices that are specific to your dosha. With this program you will receive the following plans and practices to heal your imbalances:

  • Custom Ayurvedic Nutrition Program: Supports healing your gut, improving digestion and balancing your hormones for optimal digestive function.
  • Custom Daily Routines: Designed to balance your mind-body connection and get you into a flow that supports you being more present in your life.
  • Custom Yoga & Meditation Practice: Build functional strength, heal injuries and maintain a healthy body and mind.
  • Personal Coaching (add-on): Two private coaching sessions serve as checkpoints along your journey to creating new habits.

Note: To be eligible for this program you must have completed the Holistic Wellness Assessment.

Schedule: Detailed plans and recorded sessions provided; coaching sessions are by appointment

Cost: $285 or $425 with two personal coaching sessions (by appointment)

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