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The Well Without Borders programs support integrating wellness into your daily life, by developing:

FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH to restore and sustain the body

DEEP AWARENESS to live mindful and conscious with each present moment

DAILY RITUALS to maintain the mind-body-soul union with peace and longevity

These programs help to bring clarity and focus back to what matters to you by:

UNDOING patterns that don’t serve you

BREAKING free from overwhelm and anxiety

DEEPENING your awareness to the needs of your whole self

BUILDING new habits that support living holistically in every aspect of your life


Maintain your wellness habits with an online circle of like-minded people from all over the world.  Share, connect and support with community of people who are seeking to live a balanced & meaningful life – just like you!  Each month focuses on a different aspect of holistic living, while introducing and integrating wellness ancient practices.

In addition to content curated by Karen, she leads free, live classes!

– Weekly Hatha Flow Classes to energize and move the body

– Monthly Yin/Meditation Classes to unwind & restore the mind/body




As the seasons change, subtle changes enter into our mind/body.  Reset and come back into balance, using the Ancient life-science healing practices of Yoga & Ayurveda.

These seasonal resets will provide practices that you can take with you beyond the week of sessions.  Come back to these free classes, meditations and other recommendations throughout the season, to maintain balance within the mind, body, emotions and senses.


Fall/Winter (Vata) Program: AVAILABLE HERE


Unlock the practices of the ancient world – from yoga, mindfulness and ayurveda, and truly live in balance within every part of your life – anywhere, anytime, anyplace.  Discover how to integrate the healing benefits into your daily life.


YOGA UNLOCKED: build more functional strength, to age with grace (sign up for launch offer HERE)

MINDFULNESS UNLOCKED: deepen your awareness to live presently (sign up for launch offer HERE)

AYURVEDA UNLOCKED: balance your lifestyle and free your mind/body from dis-ease (sign up for launch offer HERE)


Balance your hormones, and Remove the stress from your life!

Develop new habits that help you to overcome biases limiting you from living your most meaningful life.  By integrating practices from Yoga & Ayurveda, begin to detox the stress and develop new patterns that will balance your hormones, change your epigenetics to relieve dis-ease and build new neuro-pathways to support living with self-compassion, presently and meaningfully in every part of your life – anywhere, anytime, anyplace.


Sign Up for the PRE-LAUNCH offer HERE

Sign up for a FREE Wellness Consultation, and see if working directly with Karen will help you get to your goals faster.

The purpose of your free 45 minute consultation is to:

  • Discuss your current state of health and wellness, what you are struggling with, what you are currently doing to address it
  • Briefly talk about our approach, and how we use the ancient practices of Yoga and Ayurveda to support your wellness goals

If you are new to integrating a holistic lifestyle or need a guide to help build new and sustainable habits – working with Karen, as a Ayurveda-Yoga Specialist and Health Coach, can support you as a guide on your wellness journey.  Based on your needs and goals, a personalized practice will be developed, specifically for you.


Additional Services include:

Private & Semi-Private Sessions (in Yoga, Meditation)

Custom Yoga Practice (designed for your personal goals)

Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleanse (based on your specific needs and dosha)

Live your most meaningful life.


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