Well Without Borders

Explore all your senses and connect to lasting memories with Well Without Borders.  A health and wellness initiative designed to help you and your community thrive.  This new way of looking at workshops, classes and mindful experiences, has been created to foster a deeper connection between mind, body and soul with oneself and to communities, locally and around the world.


Well Without Borders was created to give people something to hold on to.  We cherish meaningful relationships and experience but we often don’t have the time to seek these out.  Without Nourished Union’s offering, we challenge the notion that people are too busy to take care of themselves.  Well Without Borders is our way of stepping up to that challenge and giving people curated experiences that connect them to their neighbourhood coffee shop, retail space, hair salon and more.


By creating wellness focused experiences from physical movement, mindful meditation, self-care and nutrition based classes, the venues and spaces you frequent in your day to day life will create additional positive emotion and memories that will leave a more lasting effect through your day to day life.  The next time you visit that space for your daily latte, your mind/body connection will unconsciously breathe a little deeper and feel more grounded, because of this new connection to the space, letting the benefits of these classes last much longer than the hour and seep deeper into your daily life.

Become a Well Without Borders Partner

Giving your clientele a chance to connect with your offering

Your clientele is already in your space. We want to bring our holistic classes and workshops to them to encourage self-care. Besides your existing clientele already frequenting your shop, you get the value-add of new community members coming in for classes and workshops.

To learn more about becoming a Well Without Borders business partner, click here.

Well Without Borders Business Owners
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