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Have you ever wondered what makes your community so great?  is it the people?  The local businesses?  It’s both.  Toronto neighbourhoods are living and breathing entities that allow you to create valuable experiences every day.  The only problem is, you might not know where and how to create these experiences.  Enter Well Without Borders.

Bringing community members closer through health and wellness activities. 

Well Without Borders is one of Nourished Union’s holistic programs that provides something for all members of a community.  By challenging the traditional way, we make time for ourselves, in a gym or studio, Nourished Union uses the local businesses as our venue.  We go beyond the traditional spaces to bring health and wellness classes, nutrition workshops and self-care initiatives to your neighbourhood.

Upcoming Classes, Forums & Events

Unwind & Restore Yin Yoga 

Sundays @ 3pm 

Location: The Drake Underground (1150 Queen St, West)

Unwind from the weekend – and get ready for the week ahead with this restorative yin yoga class.  By returning to a place of stillness, the body begins to release on a deeper level, through the connective tissues – a place where much of our life’s history is stored.  This allows for a greater release of tension and resistance, allowing for a deeper shift and state of being.

BYOM (&P) – Bring your own mat (& props – if you like).  Recommended props include blankets, towels, pillows/bolsters, blocks, straps.

Stay and dine at the Drake Hotel, and receive 15% off your meal.



Single Drop-In: $20
10-Class Pass: $180
Intro: Single Drop-In: $17
Intro: 10-Class Pass: $155

Mindfulness Meditation

Sundays @ 4.30pm 

Location: The Drake Hotel (1150 Queen St, West)

Return to a state of inner peace and reconnect with your complete self.  This class is for beginners and seasoned meditators, looking to start or deepen their practice.  Each session begins with a minor meditation, to allow the body and mind to connect to the present moment.  Followed by a guided major meditation, exploring various mindful techniques and creating a deeper awareness.  The session allows time for discussion to address any challenges through the practice, tools and ways to incorporate a daily practice and the benefits of mindfulness throughout daily life.
Stay and dine at the Drake Hotel, and receive 15% off your meal.



Single Drop-In: $20
10-Class Pass: $180
Intro: Single Drop-In: $17
Intro: 10-Class Pass: $155

The Fierce Forum 

Womens Mecca (62 Fraser St)

Last Monday of Every Month (starting January 29, 2018)

Nourished Union’s Forums are monthly gatherings for all the fierce feminine women to come together, learn/grown and connect.  The community is designed to support each other through the challenges and situations we face in work, home and general day to day life that are set from the outside world, and within. These forums are a place to dive into what drives us, holds us back and share on how to move through to get to a place of greater peace, happiness and connection.Forums start with a short meditation, learning techniques for a mindful daily practice, and getting grounded. Followed by an open discussion, lead by special guests over delicious wine and food.

As a member of The Fierce Forum, continue to make space for you, by gaining added benefits with Nourished Union’s other classes in the city throughout the month.


$75/event – includes dinner
$130/mth – includes Fierce Forum Event + all Nourished Union Classes 



Well Without Borders Winter 2018

Nourished Union will be adding more classes and workshops to the Well Without Borders program in 2018. The schedule will include classes in the morning and evening, 7 days a week, across various neighbourhoods in Toronto.

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