Katie (Wellness Travel)

“Our trip to Italy was amazing. It was the perfect mix of wellness, introspection along with thoughtfully curated and unique travel experiences such as cooking classes, bike riding, wineries etc. There was a broad focus on wellness, balance and happiness which I had not invested a lot of time into prior to this retreat. Karen was an incredible “leader” and everything about the trip from start to finish was perfect.”

Angela (Wellness Travel)

“I had the opportunity to join a fall wellness retreat, which was a highlight for me in my healing journey. Karen’s pre-teachings, the weekend discussions and activities provided me with a new perspective. I enjoyed the balance and variety of activities, and was pleasantly surprised throughout the weekend. Karen was careful to craft a weekend that worked for the entire group including the yoga sessions. What I also loved about the experience was the opportunity to meet other like minded people and share in open discussions around our mindfulness and healing practices.”

Katie (Personal Coaching – Transformation program)

“Through this journey with Karen and Nourished Union, I have learned skills that I now incorporate into my daily life. Karen has provided me with the tools I need to manage stress, to celebrate accomplishments, to acknowledge areas of growth and to breathe. In addition, learning to practice gratitude regularly has had an extremely positive impact on my wellness and outlook on life. Through this process, I have become more aware of my surroundings and behaviour. Karen has been instrumental in helping to shape my awareness and to pay attention to even the small things and noticing the impact that they have.”

Maria (The Well – Healing Program)

“I have been with Nourished Union for many years and I will continue to practice with Karen indefinitely. She is substantive and has a way of connecting to people and making them feel heard. Nourished Union has helped guide me in my day to day life and has given me the tools to better manage my stress and live more in harmony everyday.”

Shilpa (general WELLNESS CLIENT)

“There are few individuals who have the ability to push me beyond what I think I am capable of, but Karen stands alone in also making me believe I am capable of going for better – always. She intuitively understands that it is the confluence of your mind, your body and your heart that allows one to cultivate true self-awareness. It is this holistic approach that Karen brings to her interactions, her words and her practice, that differentiate her. Karen has taught me that this process of life straddles a line somewhere between ease and effort, and while it’s hard work to get there, when one finds that place in between, it comes with empowerment, grace, and authenticity. Characteristics she not only exhibits, but clearly believes we all have the ability to realize. Thank you, Karen, for helping me find that place.”

Brenda (The Well – Healing Program)

“My ongoing experience with Nourished Union has greatly impacted my life in a positive way. Karen and Nourished Union have given me the tools and resources to live a happier and more calm life. Using tools like yoga, breathing and meditation I have been able to be more present in day-to-day life, and I have learned how to better manage life’s obstacles. There is also a great sense of community within Nourished Union; I always feel safe and supported in the group environment. Above all, Karen is a wonderful person. She is caring and always willing to share her wisdom.”


Megan (Corporate Wellness)

“Karen is very thorough and passionate about her work. She has a very strong ability to teach students of any level, and always finds relatable analogies to describe certain yoga postures that make it easier to understand and position our bodies accordingly. I really enjoy working with Karen and class is always a pleasure – even when it gets tough. I wish we could have her here more than once a week.”

Andrea (Personal Coaching – Transformation program)

“My experience with Karen and Nourished Union has been truly life-changing. In my time working with Karen, she has helped me stay centered and true to myself through major career shifts and life events. The personal development that I have gained with Nourished Union has positively impacted both my personal and professional life; I am truly on a journey to a better understanding of myself. The help and resources that Karen has provided, in combination with her step-by-step approach to achieving goals, has enabled me to be more authentic and to recognize my stress triggers before they get out of control. After almost 18 months of working with Karen, I am living a happier and more balanced life thanks to her meaningful counsel! I see this being a lifelong partnership for my overall wellness.”

Josie (The Well & Personal Coaching – healing & transformation programs)

“I have continued to practice with Karen and Nourished Union since 2019 and I have to say that it has impacted my life greatly. With Karen’s knowledgeable and generous guidance and through our interactive individual or group sessions of mindfulness, meditation, movement and discussion, I have gained empowering insight that has helped me to recognize and use the energy around and within me to live a more calm, mindful and grounded life. Karen has challenged me to recognize and examine those things in my life that serve and don’t serve me and to focus on a holistic and healthier approach to living that benefits both me and my family. This journey is augmented by the treasure trove of creative and useful resources that Karen has created and made available on the Nourished Union platform. I am able to access and apply these excellent resources independently at my convenience. Practicing with Karen and being part of Nourished Union have helped me to understand and believe in the core value of taking care of the whole self, mind, body and spirit and for this I am truly grateful.”