“I have continued to practice with Karen and Nourished Union since 2019 and I have to say that it has impacted my life greatly. With Karen’s knowledgeable and generous guidance and through our interactive individual or group sessions of mindfulness, meditation, movement and discussion, I have gained empowering insight that has helped me to recognize and use the energy around and within me to live a more calm, mindful and grounded life. Karen has challenged me to recognize and examine those things in my life that serve and don’t serve me and to focus on a holistic and healthier approach to living that benefits both me and my family. This journey is augmented by the treasure trove of creative and useful resources that Karen has created and made available on the Nourished Union platform. I am able to access and apply these excellent resources independently at my convenience. Practicing with Karen and being part of Nourished Union have helped me to understand and believe in the core value of taking care of the whole self, mind, body and spirit and for this I am truly grateful.”