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Studies show that people associate places with experiences. Hosting Well Without Borders allows people to correlate meaningful memories with your business. The emotions and memories curated by Well Without Borders give your customers a chance to connect with not only with your business but with each other as well.

In turn, your space becomes more meaningful to the individuals in your community and they’ll associate positive feelings with your business. Well Without Borders is taking the idea of “service with a smile” and pushing it to include wellness and self-care with an essential event.

Besides your existing clientele already frequenting your shop, you get the value-add of new community members coming in for classes and workshops. Furthermore, by partnering with you to highlight key products and services from your business that align with Nourished Union, we’ll both be doing our part to encourage self-care. Well Without Borders will create meaningful experiences for your current and future customers one latte, haircut and shopping spree at a time.

A healthy community is a happy community. With Nourished Union’s Well Without Borders offering, we are encouraging the members of your community to eat well, feel well and when they frequent your business, shop well.

Business Benefits

As a business owner, all you have to do is provide your space. When you partner with Nourished Union you get:

  • Free membership for you and discounted memberships for your employees
  • Showcasing your products and services to convert browsers into customers
  • Nourished Union will create the marketing support for the partnership
  • We bring health and wellness programs to your venue that range from yoga classes to cooking and nutrition workshops, to learning how to sleep and breathe better
  • We unite the physical and mental aspects of self-care so your clientele feels great when they come in for their latte, haircut, books, clothes etc., encouraging them to spend mindfully and remain loyal to your brand/shop
  • We create meaningful experiences that your clientele will associate with your products/services, encouraging them to share with their friends (who in turn, can be converted into customers)
  • We operate under your business hours and can also give workshops after hours if you so desire it
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