At Nourished Union we offer wellness programs for people at every stage of the wellness journey.  For those who are truly ready to commit to their health and wellness, and make powerful and sustainable changes to their daily life, we offer private wellness coaching.

Our private coaching program starts with an in-depth consultation based on the results of your Health and Wellness Intake Form (including an Ayurvedic dosha assessment) and moves on to designing personalized wellness routines specific to your mind and body; you are provided with ongoing support by way of two monthly coaching sessions.  Our private wellness coaching takes place over time (6 months) to see you through both seasonal and personal changes to help you commit to your wellness goals and a healthy lifestyle no matter what is happening in your life.

Your personal wellness routine will combine classical Yoga and Ayurveda practices with modern day Health and Wellness principles, and will include:

  • A physical asana yoga practice
  • A mindfulness practice that incorporates breath work and meditation
  • Self-care routines
  • A nutrition plan
  • Guided reflective journaling prompts

Our twice monthly private wellness coaching sessions provide both guidance to help you go deeper into understanding your own behavioural patterns and support to help you incorporate wellness practices into your life in order to experience transformational change in mind and body – all while keeping you motivated and accountable to your desired wellness goals. The program is holistic and focuses on adopting healthy practices in all areas of your life – including the physical body, stress management, mindfulness, energy and nutrition – for your overall well being.

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