At Nourished Union we understand the power of women coming together. Of the profound healing and uplifting energy that is generated when women build community and connection that is rooted in love, trust, mutual respect and friendship. When women share with and support each other in deep and meaningful ways they raise each other up and empower the collective to then go out into the world and make good things – both big and small – happen. Through the power of the collective, women’s circles can and do effect real positive change within ourselves and in the greater world. Having a strong network of female friends also brings with it the kind of joy and fulfillment that is central to a woman’s personal and wellness journey.

To encourage this kind of courageous sisterhood we host and facilitate women’s circles to help you build a safe and sacred space for you and your friends to come together to share your thoughts and feelings, and support each other, across a range of relevant life topics including health and wellness, family, career, personal growth, purpose, love, connection and more. 

You gather your tribe and work with us to identify themes that are important to your circle, and we do the rest:

  • Our practitioners will open each circle with a guided practice with the intention of grounding and rooting the collective. 
  • Each woman will be asked to share her intentions for the circle, which will help to inform the topics that will be covered during the discussion or future sessions. 
  • Themed discussions will be facilitated to create and hold space for everyone to share and participate equally and safely.
  • Safe and supportive spaces will give each woman the opportunity to be vulnerable and share her truth knowing her voice will be truly and deeply heard by the others while they witness and listen. 
  • Our practitioners will use themes and topics to guide circles through prompting questions and practices to help everyone connect deeper; specific rituals will be used to support healing and transformation. 

Circles are hosted on our secure online platform and we will send out email invitations and reminders leading up to each gathering. And don’t worry if you end up with a smaller group than expected initially; our experience is that overtime the good intentions, purpose, self love and positive outcomes behind this ongoing ritual will attract others.

Setup a Discovery Call with us today to start building your powerful community of women.