YOGA UNLOCKED: Curacao Wellness Retreat

Discover what lies beyond the poses

We all hear, to maintain good health we need to move more, stress less and eat better.  But what does that actually mean and how can you implement it into your current lifestyle?   

Join Karen Brar, founder of Nourished Union, and explore the healing benefits of yoga and its lifestyle modalities through movement, breath, mindfulness and diet.  This three-day retreat will allow you to connect to a deeper self, develop a daily practice and identify ways to manage daily stresses for greater overall health and well-being – while understanding the reasons why this ancient practice has survived over 5,000 years. 

  • The movement yoga classes will break down the key poses and functional benefits to building strength, finding mobility and healing injuries and stress. 
  • The mindful classes will be an introduction to developing a daily practice and will connect how quieting the mind changes the physiology of the brain to manage stress more consistently. 
  • The nutrition and self-care sessions will discuss how the mind.body.soul are all connected, and how one must function well to support the others.  We will discuss how to integrate nourishing and delicious meals to support your whole self. 

These three days will provide a deeper understanding of the healing practices, along with many tools and techniques to develop a daily practice of self-care to transform you to a more meaningful life full of joy and greater health. 

Daily Itinerary

Fri, Apr 6

  • Arrive & Check-In
  • Energy Clearing Yoga (all-levels)
  • Dinner & Ayurveda Talk
  • Optional: Unwind & Restore Yoga (all-levels)
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Sat, Apr 7

  • Morning Mindful Meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Yoga Asana Workshop
  • Personal Time / Lunch
  • Optional: Clearing Chakra Meditation by the pool
  • Cooking Experience: Healing the Gut

Sun, Apr 8

  • Morning Mindful Meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Energizing Flow Yoga (all-levels)
  • Developing a Daily Practice Workshop
  • Lunch
  • Check-out / Depart


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