Join us for our wellness workshop series and take back your right to live well.

We developed this online health and wellness workshop series in response to how far out of balance our modern has taken us and our desire to re-connect people with the basics of living well.

The workshops combine the ancient practices of Yoga & Ayurveda with modern medical science and are designed to teach the key principles of holistic health including disease prevention, gut health, caring for your physical and energetic bodies, mental health and finding your purpose.

Wellbeing workshops take place on the last Sunday of the month between 10am-12pm EST and cost $49 each .


Preventing Disease & Prioritizing Your Health

Learn how to balance “dis-ease” in your mind and body, and manage your overall health to prevent serious disease.

Healing Your Energetic Body as Part of Your Overall Health

Learn about your different chakras, their impact on your overall health and how to bring them into balance. 

Understanding Your Gut to Optimize Your Health

Learn how to manage your gut health based on your personal doshic constitution to optimize your overall health.  

Clearing Your Mind to Achieve Real Change in Your Life

Learn how to clear your mind and connect into your true self to drive real and achievable change in your life.

Deepening Your Yoga Practice for Greater Holistic Health

Learn the fundamentals of the asana practice and how it fits in the yoga system to get more out of your physical practice.

Finding Your Purpose for a More Joyful Life

Learn how to set real and purposeful intentions for your life and manifest your greatest desires for a joyful life.