Life is a journey and we believe the journey should be filled with meaning and connection. We are here to guide you through your personal wellness journey and back to a place of living well. Our online wellness programs put our philosophy into practice and are organized into discovery, awareness, healing and transformation. Our goal is to help you implement a daily wellness practice so that living well becomes a way of life. We also understand that each individual is a unique being, so our online health programs consider your personal readiness and needs along the way, guiding you to build a practice that truly works for you.

Our certified holistic health and wellness coaches are trained to deliver our programs online via our secure platform making them accessible to all. Select the program below that best suits you based on where you are now on your wellness journey and continue to grow and develop your practice from there. Read about each program in detail below or skip further down to compare programs. 

wellness coach

Digital Discovery

Discover the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda alongside modern day health and wellness science. This program offers free tips, tools and exercises, and is an easy and accessible way to get started on your wellness journey.

health coach

Awareness Consult

Learn what is causing the disharmony in your life and how you can shift from stress and overwhelm to meaning and purpose through your awareness in this free consult with one of our holistic health practitioners.

Healing Studio


Join our online studio to build a daily practice with on-demand or live classes, and learn how to tune inwards, connect to your true self and deepen your inner awareness for a more healthy and conscious life.


Personal Transformation

Experience transformational change by deeply committing to your health and wellness through the ongoing practice of daily rituals and personal coaching to bring you back to your authentic self.