Workshop: Healing Your Energetic Body as Part of Your Overall Health

Sunday, December 18th | 10am – 12pm EST | $49

Learn about your different chakras, their impact on your overall health and how to bring them into balance.

We are composed of more than just our physical body; we also have a more subtle energy body made up of chakras that have a strong bearing on our health, the state of our mind and our relations with others. Overtime, life experiences subtley store in our body and can cause our chakras to go out of balance, impacting our overall health.

energetic body healing
energetics healing

What You’ll Learn

Due to various factors such as lifestyle, environment, past experiences, etc. our chakras and energetic body as a whole can either be balanced or imbalanced. If a chakra is imbalanced it can either go into hypoactive or hyperactive mode. In this workshop you will learn:

  • About the different chakras and energy centres in your body.
  • How these energy centres are connected to your overall state of health.
  • Practices for how to heal your energetic body and bring your chakras into balance in order to support and maintain your holistic health.