Join our online studio to build a daily practice with on-demand or live classes, and learn how to tune inwards, connect to your true self and deepen your inner awareness for a more healthy and conscious life.

Building and maintaining a daily practice is an integral part of a healthy and conscious life because it is through the practice that we are able to create the time and space to connect into our authentic self. And it is when we tune inwards that we are able to see things more clearly, determine what is serving us (or not) and be more present in our lives. When we listen to our inner wisdom, become aware of our patterned behaviours and start letting go of the things that don’t serve us, we can then start healing. Healing is the process of shedding those things that are getting in the way of us being our true selves and realigning through the practice of daily rituals that help us to take care of our whole selves. Taking care of our bodies with the therapeutic practices of Ayurveda, taking care of our minds with mindfulness and other forms of meditation, and taking care of our energetic souls with Yoga. Much more than just building habits and ticking things off a list, practicing daily rituals is about living with purpose and really taking in the experience so that you benefit from the value it offers and feel more fulfilled.

Our online yoga studio offers on-demand and live yoga courses, mindfulness practices and much more. Our online yoga courses are an easy and accessible way for yoga beginners to learn yoga online and those with yoga experience to build and maintain a daily practice. Join our online yoga studio by signing up to one of our programs:

The Well Lite (On-Demand Only)

What You’ll Get:

  • Four (4) online on-demand holistic health classes per month (new content added monthly, access to 6 months of archived content) including a Vinyasa (45 mins), Pranayam (15 mins), meditation (20 mins) and rest and restore yoga (45 mins).
  • Foundational practices (20 mins each) to help build strength and form in order to help support the body to move safely and consciously.
  • One (1) 60-minute consult with one of our holistic health practitioners. 
  • An online group forum for questions, comments and discussion.
  • Access to the Digital Discovery program.


  • Build a daily practice at a pace that feels right for you with on-demand classes.
  • Benefit from a holistic program that includes yoga, breath work and meditation.
  • Enjoy a deep library of classes with fresh content monthly and access to 6 months of archived content.
  • Take advantage of bonus content to deepen your practice and learn more about taking care of your holistic health.

Cost: $49/month

The Well (Live and On-Demand)

What You’ll Get:

  • Five (5) online live holistic health group classes per week (Monday to Friday, access to recordings available after the live session) including a Vinyasa (45 mins), Pranayam (15 mins), meditation (20 mins), midday stretch (15 mins) and rest and restore yoga (45 mins).
  • Weekly satsang (group gathering), every Saturday, to come together as a community and go deeper into the ancient teachings and how they apply to our modern world.
  • An in-depth Holistic Health Assessment; complete the intake and receive personal recommendations from one of our practitioners.
  • A monthly personal coaching session with one of our holistic health practitioners.
  • On-demand access to recordings in case you miss any live sessions.
  • Two (2) Me Days a year and unlimited We Days .
  • Access to the Digital Discovery Program.


  • Become truly healthy with a completely personalized holistic wellness plan.
  • Feel more energized through a daily yoga and mindfulness practice.
  • Experience deep nourishing peace and relaxation with weekly self-care workshops.
  • Connect and share your wellness experiences with others.
  • Move beyond whatever is standing between you and your wellbeing with personal coaching.

Cost: $279/month