So much of our world today is caught up in doing, being busy and not having enough time in the day…even for sleep. Many people have even de-prioritized sleep to the point that they view it as unnecessary and a waste of their valuable time when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

The intensities and complexities of our modern world have disconnected us so far from our true selves that we have come to believe that sleepless nights and waking up tired and irritable are realities of our daily lives. That struggling to quiet our minds, relying on our devices to fall asleep, waking up multiple times a night and dragging ourselves through the day are inconveniences that we simply need to live with.

But the idea that we need to accept poor sleep hygiene is dangerous; it’s damaging our health and impacting our quality of life. When we are sleep deprived our physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies give off signals that are telling us important information about our underlying health that we need to be listening to. Lack of energy, poor concentration, anxiety and mood swings are not realities of our modern times but rather symptoms of imbalances in our body which, if left unchecked, could lead to more serious disease such as high blood pressure, obesity and depression. 

So, the plain truth about sleep is that it’s a vital part of our overall health and wellbeing. We are supposed to spend one-third of our day getting good quality sleep because it is the time when our mind and body are performing functions that are critical to maintaining and optimizing our whole health. While our modern world has led us to believe that sleep is a luxury we can do without, we are here to remind you that sleep is a fundamental building block of our lives. 

Take back your right to a good night’s sleep. Join us for our upcoming workshop Preventing Disease & Prioritizing Health on Sunday, September 25th @ 10am EST ($49) in which we will – using sleep as the focus – explain how to balance “dis-ease” in your mind and body in order to manage your overall health and prevent more serious disease. In this workshop you will learn:

How to identify and balance common forms of sleep-related “dis-ease” in your body through somatic connection.

How to support your individual sleep hygiene through an introduction to the sister sciences of Yoga & Ayurveda. 

How to manage your sleep in alignment with the natural world for a more healthy, balanced and conscious life.

Our Founder & Head Holistic Health Practitioner, Karen Brar, will be hosting a free Instagram Live event on Wednesday, September 14th @ 12pm EST to explain what the workshop will cover in more detail and why having a healthy sleep routine is so critical to your holistic health.